Lena-StoryLena wasn’t worried about her daughter’s unusual method of crawling until the pediatrician mentioned it at their check-up appointment. The doctor referred them to ChildStrive for an evaluation to see if Samara had a developmental delay. A physical therapist from ChildStrive evaluated Samara and determined that she did have delays in some of her gross motor skills and wasn’t using her hand properly as she crawled. “In our culture, people don’t talk of these things,” mentioned Lena. “I had no idea what to expect or what would happen next.” Together Samara’s family and therapist set goals and helped Samara learn how to crawl while positioning her hands correctly. Although it was a struggle at first, today Samara has completely mastered crawling and is now working on standing and walking.  “I am so thankful for ChildStrive”, said Lena, “our child’s therapist assured us that everything is possible and I’ve seen how much good they have done for my child and my family.  I’d like to tell other families, even though it feels scary, if your child even has a small problem, you will benefit from Early Intervention services. You can turn to ChildStrive for help!”  If you have concerns about your child’s development (ages birth to three) contact us for a free, in-home evaluation at Help@ChildStrive.org