ChildStrive’s Home Visiting Team

Everyone at ChildStrive plays an important role in providing families of young children with the tools and resources to give their child the very best start in life.

Each of our programs includes a special team of professionals to help conduct this work.  Because ChildStrive hosts this breadth of programs, we are fortunate to have cross-functional interdisciplinary teams that can support each other in their work, collaborate on cases, and provide families with the tools to help their children reach developmental milestones.  We are very proud of the commitment our staff has made to this important work. Visit our staff page to contact an individual staff member.

Community Health Nurses

Each of the Registered Nurses (RN) working in our Nurse-Family Partnership program has received specialized training to create therapeutic relationships with clients and follow the national evidence-based model.  Our nurses have developed strong communication, personal relationship building and problem-solving skills.  At ChildStrive all of our nurses have at least a Bachelor’s level degree and many have Masters or other advanced degrees.

Occupational and Physical Therapists

Occupational and Physical Therapists make up our team of Early Intervention motor therapists.  Children with delays in gross and fine motor skills depend on the expertise of these therapists to assist in learning skills important to their development.  From pushing up during “tummy time”, learning to sit, or supporting new walking skills, motor therapists focus on maximizing each child’s potential.  Every therapist at ChildStrive is licensed in the State of Washington and most hold at least a Master’s degree.


Each Early Intervention team includes at least one Special Educator who is educated and trained in the area of Special Education.  Educators support children’s progress across many areas of development.  All of our Special Educators are certified through the State’s Office of Public Instruction and many hold Master’s degrees.

Team Family Resources Coordinator

Each Early Intervention team has a Team Family Resources Coordinator (TFRC) that is responsible for family intake and the child’s initial evaluation.  TFRCs are often a family’s first contact with ChildStrive and help ease the fears and answer questions about the process.  Our TFRCs provide support to the entire Early Intervention team by organizing and distributing resources to families as well as helping with the transition process.

Counselors and Social Workers

The emotional functioning of a family has a huge influence on the emotional health of a child.  If any member of the family is struggling, it affects the whole family, and may impact a child’s ability to grow and develop appropriately.  Counselors and social workers at ChildStrive help families cope with a diagnosis, challenging behaviors, or other family struggles.  Each of our counselors hold a Masters degree in Social Work or Marriage & Family Counseling and is certified to practice in the State.  ChildStrive also has Family Counselors leading our Play and Learn groups and visiting local shelters.

Parent Educators

Educators in our Parents As Teachers program are specifically trained to work with families experiencing trauma or chronic hardships that includes basic housing and safety needs.  Educators work with families, wherever they are living, to provide ongoing parenting support.  Each of our educators holds a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or related field.

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)

Children with delays in speech, language or who have feeding issues work with a Speech Language Pathologist, also known as a Speech Therapist.  These therapists help families support their child’s language development as well as help with feeding challenges.  All of our SLP’s are licensed in the State of Washington and hold a minimum of a Master’s degree.

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