Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers

Early Support services are available to families with children who have a developmental delay or disability.

ChildStrive educators, speech, occupational, or physical therapists and counselors provide therapies to children age birth to three in their home or daycare. Early Intervention services are provided in Snohomish and King County, including Vashon Island.

Family Story: Meet Lucas

Babies like Lucas with Down syndrome struggle with delays in motor skills, language and balance. Lucas’ family was referred to ChildStrive when he was only a few months old.

Lucas’ mom, Elena, has the same dreams for her son as all moms do, and is dedicated to helping him reach his maximum potential. ChildStrive therapists have partnered with Lucas’ family to reach those dreams. Working together they helped Lucas learn to eat a variety of foods, sit, and walk. Lucas is a beautiful little boy who can run and play on the playground, wrestle with his siblings, and even attends Montessori preschool.


Everything we do at ChildStrive is based on the parent-child relationship. No one knows your baby better! That’s why services always include family—parents, siblings, and loving caregivers. You’ll even set the goals and pace for your child!


ChildStrive focuses on what you’re doing right. Take Lucas for example. He loved to hear his mother sing. Our team suggested he practice word sounds through song. Today he has a vibrant, broad vocabulary.


When parents intentionally integrate learning into typical daily routines, infants and toddlers make more progress more quickly. Everyday activities in your home, like bath or mealtime, are key to learning and growth.

Reflective Coaching

At ChildStrive, you’ll never feel rushed. We believe in reflection–taking time to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and why. You’ll become more confident as you understand and meet the unique needs of your child.

What to Expect

You probably have a lot of questions about where to begin and what each step may look like. From your first phone conversation to when your child starts receiving services we want to make this easy for you. We will walk this journey with you. Please take a moment to review a typical intake process with ChildStrive:

Family Intake Process

Eligible families will begin receiving services within 75 days after the first conversation with a Team Family Resource Coordinator (TFRC).


If you have a concern about your child’s development (birth to age 3) you can contact ChildStrive directly at 425-245-8377 or complete the attached referral form below and fax it to ChildStrive at 425-245-7108. Your child’s physician, daycare provider or other child advocate may also refer you to ChildStrive.

ChildStrive Early Supports Referral Form


A ChildStrive Family Resource Coordinator will:

  • Gather information about your concerns and priorities, and your child’s health history
  • Explain what services are available through early intervention and process for enrollment
  • Discuss eligibility criteria of Washington State’s Early Support for Infant and Toddler (ESIT) program
  • Schedule an initial evaluation with you and your child


Evaluations take place in the child’s natural environment; that is, wherever they spend their days and with the important people in their lives. This is typically at home with the child and his or her parent(s) or other caregiver. ChildStrive team members will bring everything they need for the evaluation, including test materials, enrollment paperwork, and helpful information for the family regarding ChildStrive services and programs, as well as other community resources.


To be eligible to receive Early Intervention services a child must have a 25% delay in one or more developmental areas. A child may also be eligible if they have a physical or medical condition such as Down syndrome that is known to cause a delay in development. If the child is eligible for Early Intervention services, the family may complete ChildStrive enrollment paper work during the initial evaluation appointment. The family will also schedule their initial IFSP meeting with their Family Resource Coordinator.

Not Eligible

If your child’s evaluation score rates his or her abilities within the range of typically developing children, they are not eligible for Early Intervention services. At the family’s request, the Team Family Resource Coordinator can provide information about other community resources. After three to six months, if there are still concerns, families are welcome to contact ChildStrive for a second evaluation.

Initial Individualized Family Service Plan

At the initial Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting, ChildStrive staff and the family will work together to develop a customized IFSP identifying the desired family outcomes, how often and how long services will be, where services will take place, who will be involved, and who will pay for services (many different sources fund Early Intervention services, including public and private insurance.) Families will receive services regardless of ability to pay. Services are supported by grants and fundraising so are provided despite a family’s inability to pay.

The IFSP is an ongoing process that meets the changing needs of the child and family. It is reviewed at least every 6 months and rewritten on an annual basis. At ChildStrive, the primary coach (PC) often serves as the family’s main service provider and as their Family Resource Coordinator (FRC).

Therapies begin once the IFSP has been completed and outcomes based on family priorities have been identified. All services are provided in the child’s natural learning environment – where the child lives and plays.

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