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ChildStrive's Play & Learn Groups

 In light of the recent guidance for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and cancellation of school for several weeks we have suspended the Tuesday Play and Learn groups until further notice.

Como resultado de las recientes instrucciones de distanciamiento social para evitar la propagación de COVID-19 y la cancelación de la escuela durante varias semanas, hemos suspendido los grupos de Juega y Aprende los martes hasta nuevo aviso.

Please watch on Facebook (@ChildStrive) every Tuesday at 11:15 am for Circle Time! 
The second and fourth Friday of the month we host a Zoom group connection called “Friday with Friends” from 10-10:30 am! Registration links are available on our Facebook or Instagram. (You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch Circle Time or access links shared.) 

¡Míralo en Facebook (@ChildStrive) todos los martes a las 11:15 am para ver la hora del círculo!

¡El segundo y cuarto viernes del mes organizamos una conexión grupal de Zoom llamada “Viernes con amigos” de 10 a 10:30 de la mañana! Los enlaces de registro están disponibles en nuestro Facebook o Instagram. (No es necesario tener una cuenta de Facebook para ver la hora del círculo o acceder a los enlaces compartidos).

Family Story: Meet Lucy

Two-year old Lucy loves to attend the ChildStrive Play and Learn group because it gives her a chance to see her friends and learn new songs.  Lucy’s mom likes the ChildStrive play group for the socialization opportunities as well as the facilitator’s knowledge of early childhood development.  She appreciates the opportunities to ask questions or seek advice and loves that snack time is included so that children learn how to eat and socialize in a group setting.

The Power of Play

A child’s most important “job” is playing!  We want children and their caregivers to have a place that is safe and nurturing.  Our goal is to support new skills whether it is sitting with a favorite toy or learning to cooperate with new friends.

Social / Emotional Development

Play groups are an important way for children to learn socialization skills.  Indeed, with a group of toddlers and preschoolers, there are always opportunities to learn about sharing, cooperation and taking turns.  Play group leaders can also provide “in-the-moment” coaching.

Parent Support

Play groups are also a great opportunity to provide socialization for parents and caregivers that may feel isolated or have long stretches of time without other adult interaction.  We encourage parents to form friendships that can be modeled for their children.

Link to Resources

Parents are provided connections to local resources.  If a parent or caregiver is concerned about their child’s development, we can offer child development screenings including Early Intervention screenings.  Play group leaders also provide resource referrals to families who need additional help.

What to Expect

ChildStrive play groups follow the Kaleidoscope Play & Learn group model that helps prepare children, up to five years of age, for success in school and life.  We provide children and their parent or caregiver fun, developmentally appropriate socialization and learning opportunities. Our groups are led by parent educators, social workers or family counselors.

Each play group includes unstructured play time where families can enjoy our collection of toys, books and games; followed by a nutritious snack (provided by ChildStrive); and the always-favorite circle time that includes songs with movements.

Families are welcome to drop-in at the play group whenever their schedule allows.  We do require that an adult stay with their child during play group, of course, it’s so much fun, you wouldn’t want it any other way!

Sick Policy


Common Cold Policy:
The younger your child, the more difficult it is to limit the spread of germs. For example: hand to face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing and coughing etc. Please consider your child’s age, ability to cover their mouth, etc. before coming to the group with a common cold.

If you have any questions concerning this policy and whether you should attend, please contact Nancy at 425-583-0497 or Kendall at 425-275-8742

Thank you!