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For over 50 years, ChildStrive has helped thousands of families imagine a different future for their children, by providing critically important family-centered programs that focus on giving every child their very best start in life. You can help by making a direct investment in our programs, putting your shopping dollars to work, participating in a workplace campaign, or leaving a legacy gift.


Making a one-time or ongoing gift is simple using our secure online donation system. Or if you prefer, you can mail your donation to:

906 SE Everett Mall Way, STE 200
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You can also designate your gift in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one.

ChildStrive is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID number is: 91-6053563. Please note, ChildStrive has maintained Little Red School House as our legal name with the IRS, with ChildStrive as our official DBA.

Give a Gift of Stock

Making a gift of stock to ChildStrive is easy and can help you maximize your tax benefit. Click here to learn how it works

We’ve partnered with Stock Donator to accept stock donations! Stock donator provides a secure, fast, and simple web enabled service to allow you to donate publicly traded stocks directly to ChildStrive.

  1. Click the button above or go to and enter the necessary information for your gift of stock.
  2. Stock Donator collects all entered information and generates the required forms to send to your Brokerage Firm (some firms may use Medallion Signatures (MS) as an additional means to validate the donation request; if so, this will be facilitated).
  3. Stock Donator receives the stock donations from your Brokerage Firm.
  4. Stock Donator liquidates immediately and transfers the funds to ChildStrive.
  5. Stock Donator and ChildStrive then provide you with the official transaction receipts you need to claim the tax deduction for your stock donations.

Want to learn more? Read 7 Things Every Donor Should know About Stock Gift Donations

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Leave your Legacy

To continue to help support our work beyond your lifetime, consider including a gift to ChildStrive in your estate. Contact a trusted attorney to help with language and designations or contact Rebecca Mauldin at or 425.353.5656 x7130 for more information.

Workplace Giving

Many companies have programs that help you support the charities of your choice. Check with the HR department of your company to see what programs they may have in place.

Matching Gifts

Some companies, including Boeing and Microsoft, will match a portion or your entire donation to ChildStrive. After confirming that your employer matches charitable donations, ask your HR department for a Workplace Giving Form. Submit this form with your donation to ChildStrive and we will complete the necessary information and resubmit the completed form to your employer. Other companies will also contribute to a charitable organization if their employees volunteer their time.

Work Place Campaigns

You can designate a portion of your donation to ChildStrive during your company’s United Way Campaign, Federated Giving or other workplace campaigns. If you are not able to find ChildStrive listed in designated charities, please contact us so we can provide you with the correct agency code.

Earn while you shop       


ChildStrive receives contributions through the AmazonSmile rewards program. It’s an easy way to earn contributions for our organization while you shop online. Go to to link your Amazon account and benefit ChildStrive (you only have to do this one time). Every quarter we receive a check for a percentage of the amount purchased by our AmazonSmile contributors.


ChildStrive receives contributions through Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program. If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card simply register it online at and go to the community rewards section and link it to ChildStrive. You will continue to receive Rewards Points, Rebates and Fuel Points, AND ChildStrive will receive a donation from Fred Meyer each quarter. The site also provides information to answer your questions.

Katie’s Family Story


Katie remembers that she was desperate to help her son but didn’t know where to turn. It had been a couple of really challenging years. She had a difficult pregnancy, her husband was recovering from prescription drug addiction, and although both parents were working and trying to make ends meet, they had lost their home and the family was living in their car. On top of all these worries their two year old son, Johnny, wasn’t talking and was barely eating. They were referred to ChildStrive by Johnny’s pediatrician.

Through a developmental assessment Johnny was found to have speech delays. A plan was quickly put into place by Rita, one of ChildStrive’s Speech and Language Pathologists. At first Katie was embarrassed to utilize ChildStrive’s help because of the family’s homelessness. But as Katie and her husband worked together with Rita they quickly learned that Rita was not judgmental and in fact reinforced all the things they were doing right. The family also worked with a ChildStrive family counselor who helped them recognize that they were good parents and dedicated to gaining self-sufficiency and happiness again, despite all of the recent setbacks.

Johnny graduated from the Early Intervention program having reached all of the family’s goals and today is a happy typically-developing preschooler looking forward to a bright future. Katie has a new job and the family has a stable home. Katie credits ChildStrive with helping them not only with Johnny, but with the whole family. They are stronger than ever!

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