Reminders & Encouragement

At ChildStive, we know it is you who make our work possible. Our goal is to raise more than $150,000 to support our programs and services. We asked you to help us. And you said “yes”!

We know that asking your friends and family to join you at a fundraiser can be challenging. Many people worry about pestering their friends and family. Money can be awkward to bring up. But we suggest a different way of looking at it. You are not bothering your friends and family, you are offering them an opportunity to give back to their community and support young children and parents.

We ask that you be innovative and persistent in your invitations. Extend an invite, and then follow up with an email or phone call. Reach out again if you don’t hear back. Everyone is busy, and sometimes people need a little help remembering to add events to their calendar. You are not bothering them, you are sharing your interests.

Your commitment to filling your table with guests will pay off! You will have a lovely table of friends and family to enjoy at the Luncheon ready to support ChildStrive. Thank you!

Guest Reminders

Everyone is busy! It is always helpful to remind your guests about the Luncheon!

Many Table Captains send an email reminder that also serves as a chance to introduce their guests to each other online. In addition, we also encourage you to call or text your registered guests 1-2 days before the Luncheon.

ChildStrive Luncheon 5-19-20









Watch this video from a past Bridges to Resilience Luncheon and hear the stories of three children and their families.