Brody’s Family Story

Brody was a “good baby” according to his parents Larry and Kristina. He had no trouble sleeping or eating and seemed to be content and independent. Shortly after Brody’s first birthday, their world changed. Almost overnight Brody became a screaming, inconsolable little boy that made little eye contact and slept very little. His pediatrician referred him to Seattle Children’s and the family contacted ChildStrive.

Before connecting with ChildStrive, Larry and Kristina felt there were merely surviving day to day. Jackie and Maggie worked with Brody and his parents in small steps. Brody wasn’t able to speak, so Jackie started working with pictures and small words, slowly Brody was able to communicate with his family. Working with Brody’s diet, they learned that removing food dyes reduced his night terrors and with Melatonin, Brody was finally able to sleep. Maggie worked on developing Brody’s motor skills.  He had difficulty in keeping his body centered.  Through the use of a compression suit, they saw a 50% to 75% improvement in his body strength.

Larry and Kristina credit Jackie and Maggie’s supportive attitude as instrumental in turning things around for their family.  They worked as partners with Brody’s parents to alleviate the stresses and build on the strengths of their family.  The therapists helped Larry and Kristina create strategies to work with Brody’s struggles.

Brody transitioned from ChildStrive to Developmental Preschool in the Mukilteo School District and is now in a traditional Kindergarten class. He is a bright, energetic 5-year old and although he still struggles a bit in social situations, he continues to make great strides both physically and socially. His parents appreciate ChildStrive staff for helping Brody become the wonderful little boy that he is today.

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