Community and Family Services

Child and Family Counseling and Support

Child and Family Therapists partner with families with young children ages 0-8, in a predominately immigrant community. We work with families to provide support, education, and coaching to help families build healthy connections and successful lives.

Families are provided with counseling services, developmental screenings and support, and referrals to additional services within the Connect Casino Road Collaborative.

If you would like to connect to one of our Child and Family Therapists, please reach out to:
Catalina Angel, Family Counselor (habla español) or 425.535.5734

Community Services: Education and Outreach

Our community services educator works with community childcare providers to support them in helping all children have the best start in life. Through their work with Community Services, caregivers gain confidence in their development assessments so they can serve as the first line of defense in identifying children that might need Early Support services, while making sure they have access to all the community resources necessary to thrive.

Community Services allows ChildStrive to share our expertise in early childhood development with a wide network of partners, supporting healthy development and strong relationships in our community helps ensure all children have the best start in life.

If you are interested in connecting with Community Services, please reach out to:
Kendall Appell, Community Services Educator or 425.275.8742

Community Collaboratives

Homeward House Collaborative

ChildStrive is proud to serve on the steering committee for the Homeward House Core Collaborative. Anchored by parents with lived experience, Homeward House is a coalition of people from social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and the community at large in Snohomish County, Washington. We are working together to reduce and prevent the harm, damage, and costs of opioid and other substance use disorders to current and future generations in our community.

With an emphasis on nurturing the vital bond between parents and their young children, we are providing direct services to families with newborns and infants while – at the same time – working to recognize, understand, and eliminate the indefensible systemic inequities facing Black, Native, and other marginalized families.

For more information or to connect with Homeward House, please visit their website by clicking here.