Our Early Supports program helps families and children with a range of developmental delays and disabilities – from motor or speech delays to feeding issues and more. Infants up to age three and their caregivers work with a ChildStrive care team to customize an evidence-based plan to support the child and family’s success.

ChildStrive comes to you! Our therapies take place in the child’s natural learning environment, such as their home or childcare center. This allows children and families to comfortably participate in the work, while allowing therapists to incorporate favorite toys and family routines into the sessions.

Each family will work with a team of ChildStrive specialists, which may include Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Family Counselors, Special Educators, Feeding Specialists, and more. All families have a Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) to help them through the process and serve as the go-to person for questions related to their child or the program.

ChildStrive stays with the family until their child no longer requires services or a thoughtful transition of services has been made at the age of three.

How to Enroll

Babies and toddlers’ abilities vary widely. You may find yourself wondering… why can’t my baby sit up? why isn’t my child crawling? Isn’t my child supposed to be talking by now?

If you have concerns about your child’s development, a free developmental screening is a great place to start, more information here.

ChildStrive’s intake team is here to help with your questions about Early Support services. Contact us directly at 425.245.8377 or complete the referral form here . Your child’s physician, daycare provider, or other child advocate may also refer you to ChildStrive.

If you would prefer to not use our online referral process linked here, you are welcome to download our fillable pdf form from the buttons below and submit it via email to info@childstrive.org or fax to 425-245-8377.

Step 1. Intake

Once we have received a referral, an Intake Coordinator will connect with you to gather information about your concerns and priorities, some information about your child’s health history, discuss our services, answer your questions, and schedule an initial orientation and evaluation.

Step 2. Orientation & Evaluation

Orientations and evaluations take place wherever your child spends their days and with the important people in their lives. This is typically at home with the child and his or her parent(s) or caregiver. If your child qualifies for services our providers will help you enroll in the program. If your child does not qualify for the ESIT program, our Family Resources Coordinators can provide additional community resources you may wish to pursue. If there are still concerns, children can be reevaluated in 3 to 6 months.


For more information about the eligibility criteria for Early Supports, visit the WA Department of Children, Youth and Families site here. 

Step 3. Family Service Plan

After a qualifying evaluation, families will work directly with ChildStrive staff to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan identifies the family’s desired outcomes, the initial services, and other details. The IFSP is an ongoing process that is designed to meet the individual and changing needs of the child and family.

Therapies begin once the IFSP has been completed. All services are provided in the child’s natural learning environment – where the child lives and plays.

Families will receive services regardless of ability to pay. There are several funding sources for our Early Support program, including public and private insurance, grants and fundraising.

Additional Information

Request Services

Family Handbook

WA State Early Supports website

Our Services Include

Developmental Screening & Evaluation

Resource Coordination

Developmental Education

Parent Coaching & Training

Infant Mental Health

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Family Therapy

Motor Therapy

Physical Therapy

Feeding Support