The MegaHug Fund

What is the MegaHug Fund? 

The MegaHug Fund was established in honor of Keith, Katie, and Megan Harrell. An alumni family and longtime supporters of ChildStrive.

The Harrell family’s desire to establish a fund at ChildStrive stems from the support they received from the therapists that worked with Megan in helping her meet milestones, the care and coaching Keith and Katie received to help them be the best parents they could be for Megan, as well as the impact they have witnessed staff having in the lives of the thousands of families served over the years that the Harrell’s have been involved in the ChildStrive community.

It is their hope that the MegaHug Fund will help the organization’s team of talented, dedicated employees advance their skills and knowledge to continue to provide children and families with the high-quality services that the organization has offered since its founding in 1963.

Why is supporting continuing education important?

  • A single specialist at ChildStrive can serve over 50 families annually. Investing in the skills and knowledge of each of our team members is an investment in the care of the families they serve.
  • Quality of care matters! Early childhood support programs with better trained providers increase positive outcomes for children and their caregivers.
  • It makes sense for the families as well as the community. Well-designed early childhood support programs have been shown to generate a significant financial return ranging from $1.80 to $17.07 for each dollar invested.

Other Ways to Give to the MegaHug Fund

If you would like to use one of our helpful giving tools to support the MegaHug Fund via a Donor Advised Fund, gift stock, cryptocurrency or a vehicle you can! Please email us at to let us know you’d like your gift directed to the MegaHug Fund.