Micro Preemies Thrive with Help from ChildStrive

Although Jamye and her husband Nate were expecting twins, they weren’t prepared to have them arrive 14 weeks early! Piper and Lincoln weighed in at about 2 pounds each and spent three months in the hospital. Most parents, after enduring a long NICU journey, hunker down with their babies and move on to the next phase of cocooning at home. This family wasn’t so lucky. Just days after welcoming Piper home (Lincoln had come home a few weeks earlier) the family picked up and moved from their native California to Washington State for a pre-planned, but much delayed career move for Nate.

“It would have been difficult enough to have our tiny twins at home surrounded by family and friends, but we were in a whole new place and didn’t know a soul,” commented Jamye. When the twins were about 7 months old, their doctor noticed development delays and referred them to the state’s Birth to Three program. After studying their options, they chose ChildStrive based on the excellent reviews and testimonies they read online.

Katie, a physical therapist at ChildStrive became the family’s primary contact. Jamye recalls, “Katie was so encouraging and gave me confidence that I am a good mom and helped me incorporate activities that would help with their development into our daily routines.” Jamye also appreciated the practical and positive advice she received from Katie. “It was comforting to have someone come to my home who had a lot of experience with children who have similar experiences as my twins. She understood where we were at and I could talk to her about everything.”

Although a typical journey for micro-preemies usually involves early intervention services until a child turns three, Lincoln and Piper graduated from the Early Intervention program prior to their second birthday. If the twins encounter another developmental delay prior to their third birthday, they will again be eligible for services at ChildStrive. “We are glad for the resources at ChildStrive,” stated Jamye, “I don’t know what I would have done without their help.”

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