Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) transforms lives of young, first-time pregnant mothers by pairing them with home visiting nurses to help provide support and guidance throughout pregnancy and until the child turns two.

The NFP program teaches positive health and development between a mother and her baby.

Family Story: Meet Denica

Denica was in high school when she learned she was pregnant. Afraid and with no one to talk to, she enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership and was paired with a nurse who helped her identify goals for her family, discussed her strengths and her fears. Once DaeLynn was born, Denica continued meeting with her nurse to talk about child development and was ready for each new step of motherhood. With her nurses’ encouragement, Denica graduated from high school and is now a student at the U.W. “I am so thankful for the Nurse-Family Partnership, I was able to talk to my nurse about things I couldn’t talk about with anyone else.”


Being pregnant can leave you feeling confused or frightened. ChildStrive nurses can help by providing answers to your questions about your pregnancy, preparation for birth, and child development. They will encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Goal Orientated

ChildStrive nurses will help you identify goals for you and your child and dream of the future you want for your family. Working together, you can strategize the steps necessary to make your aspirations come true.

Parenting Skills

We know becoming the very best mom you can be is important to you. Your nurse will provide you with information about feeding and caring for your baby and discuss developmental milestones each step of the way.

Relationship Based

We want the very best for you and your child.  Your nurse will help you build strong bonds that will help form strong foundations for the future. You will also learn how to encourage and sustain healthy relationships in other areas of your life.

What to Expect

Nurse-Family Partnership is a home-visiting program. A specially trained nurse will meet with you in your home or wherever you are staying, either weekly or bi-weekly throughout your pregnancy and until your child turns two.  We focus on helping young first-time moms with nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, and planning for the birth of your baby.  Each visit will include discussion about your pregnancy, any fears or concerns you have, and making plans for your family’s future. Once your baby is born, each visit will include weighing and measuring your baby to monitor for appropriate growth and you will talk about both baby and mom’s nutrition, parenting support and child development. Your nurse can help you with any challenges you may be facing such as establishing a sleep schedule; feeding; or feelings of stress.  Together you will identify your strengths as a new mom and your nurse can connect you with other community resources. We want what you want: a healthy pregnancy and delivery, a solid foundation of love and support for your baby, and a happy future for your new family.

How to Enroll

Referrals to ChildStrive’s Nurse-Family Partnership are often made by physicians, the Pregnancy Resource Center, WIC office, or school counselor. However, you can contact us directly to gather information, schedule a time to meet with a nurse, and decide if this program meets your needs. Call us at 425-245-8377, email us at or download and complete the referral form and fax it to us at 425-245-7108.

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Referral Form


To be eligible for ChildStrive’s Nurse-Family Partnership program, you must be a first-time mother, less than 28 weeks* pregnant, speak English or Spanish, live in Snohomish County, and be low income.

*The nurse needs time to visit and obtain consent before the 28th week of pregnancy.

Thank you!