Chandler’s Story

Chandler had a rough start to life. He was born with spina bifida and had multiple surgeries in the first 18 months of life. The surgeries and his condition caused developmental delays and he was referred to ChildStrive for physical therapy services. Chandler’s doctors had cautioned the family not to expect much mobility from him. They didn’t believe he would ever crawl or walk.

When ChildStrive’s physical therapist started working with the family, Chandler didn’t have much mobility. His mom, Ria, was just hoping that he would learn to crawl and play. The family set a couple of pretty easy goals including standing for a few minutes at a time. With the help of their physical therapist, Chandler started not only standing, but pulling up to stand. His crawling skills developed quickly and he was then able to start using a walker. ChildStrive staff “made us feel more confident with Chandler,” stated Ria, “she helped us understand he would meet developmental milestones when he was ready. We completely trusted her judgement and she never put limits on Chandler’s abilities.” 

Chandler graduated from ChildStrive’s Early Intervention program and is now 4 years old and enjoying preschool. He continues to become more independent and is making great progress in school and private physical therapy sessions.  He is starting to use crutches instead of a walker at home. Chandler has a great sense of humor, is quite a talker and is enjoying being a big brother. Ria’s message to their ChildStrive therapists is “Thank you for coming into our lives at the perfect time. Chandler is a gift, he lifts our hearts, and because of your optimism and teaching, you made us realize that Chandler has no limits.”

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