Summer 2024 E-News

Curiosity Come To Life

A message from Mary Cline-Stively, ChildStrive CEO

Today is a beautiful sunny day; the birds are chirping, the summer blooms of color are starting to emerge, and I am longing for summerWhen the days seem a bit simpler with less juggling of schedules, a bit more time with my family and days filled with lightI look forward to hearing the children playing at the parks and splashing in the water at the beachI love how the community seems to gather and connect when people are enjoying being outdoors.

Mary Cline-Stively, CEO

It is during this time of year that I really see ChildStrive’s value of curiosity come to life.  We define Curiosity as: acknowledging we are always learning, adapting, and growing.  For me children are the easiest place to see authentic curiosity and we, as adults, can continue to be reminded and learn from their example.  Children exploring what things may feel like, smell like or even taste like.  It is that curiosity that supports the brain development that is taking place.  We know that 80% of the brain development occurs by age 3, 90% by age 5; each new experience creates a new connection in the brain.  Many times, it is the child’s curiosity that provides a connection opportunity with an adult, and it is those interactions that set the foundation for future learning.   

It is that foundation of childhood that makes Curiosity, as a value of ChildStrive so important to me.  It is often the “why” behind while many of us do this work.  To support a child’s development, while letting them lead the way through their own curiosity.  To center on the family and their own curiosity as a way to learn and grow with their child.  And the daily lesson for us adults to be curious with each other as we engage so that we can better understand.   

It is through this curiosity that ChildStrive has been in the community for over 60 years and has led us to evolve over the years based on brain science and community need.  We will continue to learn and grow, as individuals and as an organization so that we can continue to be a resilient organization.  If you are curious about any of the work we do at ChildStrive I would love to connect!   

Bilingual Stay and Play Storytimes

ChildStrive is happy to partner with Sno-Isle Libraries to present a bilingual Story Hour! Stories will be told in Spanish and English, but all families are welcome! Our goals are to promote early literacy and provide summertime fun and snacks. We will meet in the Sunshine Room on Tuesday mornings.

Storytime Themes
July 9 – Story in English
July 16 – Birds
July 23 – Jungle Animals
July 30 – Chameleon
August 6 – Carrots
August 13 – Hungry Wolf
August 20 – Butterfly
August 27 – Birds

10am – 11:15am

14 E Casino Road, Building C
Everett, WA 98208

Families can play and enjoy a snack afterward.

Magic in the Mundane: The Sound of Rocks

It’s summertime and we are all trying to spend more time outside. Next time you’re outside with your child ask them to gather rocks. Yes, rocks! Find rocks of different shapes, sizes and colors, collect a few together and see what sounds they can make. Do they make sound when you hit them together? Drop them on the grass? On the cement or sand? What happens if you drop them all at the same time? Experiment with all the ways the rocks can make sounds!

It will take focus for your child to pay attention to what is happening and to all the different sounds. They’ll be practicing thinking and focus. You’re helping them to discover why rocks make different sounds together. Ask them questions that start with what, when, where, how or why! Learning new things helps the brain grow!

Play and Learn Summertime at the Park

ChildStrive’s Play and Learn group is headed to the park this summer for some outside fun and games. Join us for community, songs, and fun at the parks all summer long. Bring a blanket for circle time if you wish!

2nd and 4th Tuesday of July and August, 10am – 11am

July 9 – Jennings Park, Marysville

July 23 – Emma Yule Park, Everett

August 13 – Legion Memorial Park, Everett

August 27 – Meadowdale Park, Lynnwood (not the beach)

Join us this Fall – Learning Together Sessions in 2024

“Perinatal Mood & Infant Mental Health” 

“Building Attachment as a Foster/Adoptive Parent”

Sept 22 at 11:30am

Nov 12 at 11:30am

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