Winter 2024 E-News

Always Learning, Always Adapting

A message from Mary Cline-Stively, ChildStrive CEO

One of the many things I love about children is the constant state of wondering – asking questions, exploring, discovering and that look of awe that comes across their face.  It is that yearning to learn and grow that really makes the magic of childhood come alive.  We see it in the early years, and I believe it is our job as adults to foster that curiosity throughout the stages of development, including with our own adult peers.

Mary Cline-Stively, CEO

A value of ChildStrive is Curiosity: acknowledging we are always learning, adapting, and growing.  We are an organization full of learners who are striving to provide the best possible, based on evidence services to the families we work with.  We believe that for us to truly partner with families, curiosity must start at the beginning so that we can learn, grow, and adapt our work to best fit within the culture and routines of each individual family.  Fostering that same sense of wonder within the family and child.  It is often that curiosity that sets the foundation for the future relationship and one of the ways we make our mission come to life daily. 


ChildStrive builds on the relationships, strengths, and unique abilities of young children and their families by fostering social, emotional, and physical well-being so all children can flourish.

I am so grateful we have such a strong team of staff who value learning and growing, both professionally and personally, as well as a community that supports the value of that work.  It is what has made ChildStrive strong and resilient throughout the years and helped to foster our ability to adapt as we meet the needs of families and the community. 

Learning Together: "Common Feeding Struggles and How We Can Help" with ChildStrive's Feeding Team

Tuesday, February 20 at 11:30am
Learning Together Sessions are virtual opportunities to learn, ask questions, and be in community – we hope you will join us!

Learning Together Sessions in 2024

“IFSP to IEP Transition”

“Perinatal Mood & Infant Mental Health” 

“Building Attachment as a Foster/Adoptive Parent”

April 23 at 11:30am

Sept 22 at 11:30am

Nov 12 at 11:30am

Save the Date to Celebrate | May 9, 2024 Together for Families: Every Step of the Way​

ChildStrive is gathering our community on May 9 at Lynnwood Event Center to build relationship, share our stories, and support the work!

This year our 11am Connection Hour before the luncheon and program will feature hands-on and interactive opportunities. Join our staff and community to explore the exciting and critical work ChildStrive does with families every day.

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